The Initiation


One of the best books I think I’ve ever read.” — The Avid Reader

Everyone is equal. But no one is safe.

A generation has passed since the Confluence destroyed the world. Inequality, cyberterrorism, superbugs, and overpopulation ultimately led to the quarantine of Manhattan. A new, walled-in society called New America emerged, based on equality for all. But not everything is as it seems.
A timid math geek, sixteen-year-old Drayden’s life crumbles when his beloved mother is exiled, ostensibly for conspiring against the ruling Bureau. Her banishment sets off a chain of events, revealing to him that New America harbors a dark secret that will change it forever.
Drayden has no choice. He must reach the safety of the Bureau’s zone—the Palace. He needs to uncover the truth about his mother. There’s only one way: he enters the Initiation.

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“I couldn’t stop laughing…”

About Chris

Hi, I’m Chris. I became addicted to fiction after devouring The Shining, under the covers with a flashlight, when I was eight. I also love physics, and have a math degree from MIT. I’ve been a violin teacher, a green belt in jiu-jitsu, and a terrible basketball player. For nineteen years, though, I worked as a bond trader on Wall Street, riding the subway to and from work every day. I’ve since swapped my suit and tie for pajama pants and slippers. I never write without my trusted assistant Buddy, a 130-pound Great Dane, who can usually be found on my lap. We primarily work in our New York City apartment, where our omnipresence drives my wife Michelle and daughter Lily crazy. I’ve always loved young adult books, particularly sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, and dystopian fiction. The Initiation is my first novel.