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Did you know 9 of the world’s deadliest superbugs were recently found in London’s transit system? This roundup focuses on current news relevant to the causes of the apocalypse in The Initiation. They are superbugs, cyberterrorism, inequality, and overpopulation. You can learn valuable background information on these causes by joining my email list and receiving my free PDF about them.



1.  6/7/2017  It’s known that the growth of superbugs is exacerbated by overprescription of antibiotics by doctors, and overuse on overcrowded farm animals. But a new study has uncovered a third cause: pollution and unsanitary conditions in the facilities producing our pharmaceuticals, mostly in India and other parts of Asia.



2.  5/15/17  Nine of the deadliest superbugs in the world were found in London’s transit system



3.  5/23/17  Superbugs usually refer to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. But a new threat is emerging, with a drug-resistant fungal infection spreading across the U.S. And New York is ground zero.





1.  6/7/17  Despite public calls for new laws against terrorists, particularly cyber ones, those laws would likely be ineffective.


2.  6/6/17  Political scientist Ian Bremmer discusses cyberterrorism. He claims the world is focused on nuclear weapons. It should be worried about cyberterrorism instead.





1.  6/9/17  Bernie Sanders argues that the shocking UK vote, which spelled disaster for Theresa May and strength for Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, proves people are fed up with governments that only work for the 1%.


2.  6/9/17  At an economic conference in Paris, the AFL-CIO leader claims inequality is a threat to democracy. His rationale: the alternative to addressing wage stagnation and income inequality isn’t more of the same elite domination. The alternative is the false promises of salvation offered by authoritarians and racists.


3.  6/9/17  An article in the Boston Globe argues only a cataclysmic event can reduce inequality, and cites the few examples throughout history when it’s occurred (the fall of the Roman Empire, the Black Death, the Great Depression, World War II, to name a few). **Highly relevant for The Initiation!





The overall lack of relevant news stories about overpopulation shows how much it’s being ignored.  Most stories in the news are op-eds that either support or tear down the issue of overpopulation.  One article, however, references an interview with celebrity physicist and renowned smartest-man-in-the-world, Stephen Hawking.

1.  In an interview with The Guardian, he claimed climate change, overpopulation, superbugs, and inequality could end the human race in 100 years. Hmmm, sounds like a certain story I know about…


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2 comments on “apocalypse news roundup
  1. Scary stuff, Chris! Especially in light of recent events! Hope it never happens but it looks so terrifyingly possible, considering the way the world is going.

  2. Chris Babu says:

    Thanks for reading! It is scary. I think one of the things that makes the apocalypse in The Initiation unique is how realistic it is. I hope it doesn’t happen either!

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