The Insurrection

In the third and final installment of The Initiation series, Drayden and his friends must finally face their greatest foe: The Bureau. Bolstered by decades of lies and a brainwashed populace, the Bureau will stop at nothing from preventing their darkest secrets from getting out. Drayden has one opportunity to turn the citizens against the Bureau with the truth, and must risk his life to take the all-powerful Bureau down.


Book Details

In the midst of a war with the Bureau, Drayden finds himself locked in a one-on-one shadow battle with Eugene, who seems to be hunting him at every turn, seeking revenge for his humiliating defeat at the end of the expedition.

Drayden, engaged in multiple conflicts, must also navigate his budding relationship with Sidney while simultaneously searching for his long-lost mother. Her knowledge, along with the potential existence of an exile community, could be the key in their fight with the Bureau and allow Drayden to exact revenge for her exile. Amidst heartbreaks, betrayals, and sacrifices, he’ll discover where the true power lies.

Praises for The Insurrection

"Tensions and intrigue rise in this rousing conclusion of a post-apocalyptic series" Kirkus Reviews
" action-laden final act, where the author deftly showcases his taut prose.." Kirkus Reviews
"After reading The Insurrection, I moved Chris Babu from the YA shelf to the classics." Goodreads, 5 Stars

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