This blog offers a glimpse of my writing life. A little about writing, some research I do for my books, and breaking down complex topics that I may or may not have just learned about. As per the blog name, there will be many pics of my senior editor, Buddy the Great Dane, who literally never leaves my side. But he edits! I’ll also leave samples of my fiction here.  I take requests, too!  Please send me a note or leave it in the comments.

Why Can’t We Just Print More Money?

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A Young Adult’s Guide to Inflation

  • Today’s money is known as fiat money
  • An increase in the supply of money causes inflation
  • Zimbabwe is a case study in printing money
  • Even if done in secret, printing money would not work

This is one of those thoughts that nearly everyone’s had at one point. Why can’t we just print more money? Pay off the debt, feed the homeless, make every family a little better off. Win win! Children usually ask this question. Adults often don’t know the answer, but are too embarrassed to ask. The short answer: not enough paper inflation. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post. Kidding. That answer, while correct, doesn’t quite clear it up for many. Let’s fix that.

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Buddy: Volume 2

If I Don't Make It As An Author, It Was Because of My Great Dane

Okay, not really. Buddy doesn’t wield that kind of power. But he does make writing pretty damn hard, in the most charming way possible. Imagine, you’re writing an intense scene, the words flowing out of you like water from a fire hydrant.  And this is going on….

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Capitalism vs Socialism: A Young Adult’s Guide

capitalism vs socialism, car dealership -

  • In capitalism, businesses are owned by individuals and run for profit
  • In socialism, businesses are owned by the state (or the workforce), with profits redistributed
  • Why a car dealership? Because I like cars. No, really, that was it.

Before you skip ahead to the next post, just hold your horses there, Johnny. My number one goal with this article is to keep you interested. If I can prevent boredom, I have won. Maybe you dozed off when they taught this in school, or you’ve forgotten it, or you could use a refresher? Come on in, the water’s warm. Capitalism and socialism might be dull, but they’re secretly fun dry like a fine wine. Okay, they’re nothing like that. But they are relevant. Not just to my novel, The Initiation, but to today’s world. The raging debates about healthcare and tax cuts boil down to the differences between capitalism and socialism.  The fight for healthcare is an emotional one, but at its core is a clash of opposing economic beliefs.

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10 Memes That Writers Will Understand

What better way to connect with young adults and writers alike?

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So, maybe I’ve been looking at too many memes lately.  I also read a ton of writing blogs, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a writing post consisting entirely of memes.  Let’s try something new!  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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apocalypse news roundup


Did you know 9 of the world’s deadliest superbugs were recently found in London’s transit system? This roundup focuses on current news relevant to the causes of the apocalypse in The Initiation. They are superbugs, cyberterrorism, inequality, and overpopulation. You can learn valuable background information on these causes by joining my email list and receiving my free PDF about them.

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buddy: volume 1

For the record, Buddy is an awesome dog.  Loyal, affectionate, snuggly.  I love him.  And I’m 100% his alpha person.  It’s probably less because I’m the biggest one in the house, and more because he and I are together all the time.  If I leave the city and venture to the country to write, Buddy comes along.  If I need to be in the city, Buddy is there.  When I’m still up writing at 4am, he’s there.  Subsequently when I wake up at 11am?  There.  In the bed.  So, yeah, it’s great to have such a loyal companion, a sidekick if you will.

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How does Wall Street work? A young adult’s guide


  • A simple example illustrates how Wall Street works
  • The jobs of traders, investment bankers, and salespeople demystified


So, you kind of get what Wall Street does. A lil’ bit. But not really. Something with money, and the economy, and douchey guys in suits. I’m here to make it crystal clear with an example.

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10 Things People Say When You’re Writing a Book




Unless you’re a writer by profession, it can come as quite a surprise to friends and family that you’re writing a book. Their reactions run the gamut from uncontrollable laughter to genuine inspiration. Somewhere in the middle is an awkward zone that can result in uncomfortable silence, which the other person naturally feels compelled to break. This is when the weird questions and comments happen. The below list is certainly not exhaustive, but rather a sampling of reactions that have become quite common in my experience. Some have an infinite number of variations, but the gist remains the same. Aaaand we’re off!

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