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A Young Adult’s Guide to Cryptocurrency What is Bitcoin? What is blockchain? Why do we need cryptocurrencies? Why the explosion of new coins? What are some of the other coins with potential? What is the future of cryptocurrencies? How does …

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A Young Adult’s Guide to Inflation Today’s money is known as fiat money An increase in the supply of money causes inflation Zimbabwe is a case study in printing money Even if done in secret, printing money would not work …

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In capitalism, businesses are owned by individuals and run for profit In socialism, businesses are owned by the state (or the workforce), with profits redistributed Why a car dealership? Because I like cars. No, really, that was it. Before you …

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A simple example illustrates how Wall Street works The jobs of traders, investment bankers, and salespeople demystified   So, you kind of get what Wall Street does. A lil’ bit. But not really. Something with money, and the economy, and …

How does Wall Street work? A young adult’s guide Read More »

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