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With the launch of The Initiation behind me, it’s time to get back to two things I’ve been neglecting: my blog, and memes. Sure, the book launch was slightly more important, and only two weeks in, remains so. What better …

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Earth’s population has exploded over the past 100 years Improving technology and poor access to contraception have been causes The impact on human life and the planet has been devastating Not everyone agrees we are overpopulated There are warning signs …

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Apocalypse Cause #1 2016 election demonstrated a new use of cyberwarfare Cyberterrorism isn’t regular old hacking Cyberweapons level the playing field The Stuxnet virus spawned a new era of cyberwarfare Cyberwarfare is giving way to cyberterrorism The first cause of …

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HOW THE WORLD WILL REALLY END Wouldn’t it be nice if books and movies contained even remotely believable apocalypse scenarios? Sure, a tidal wave that engulfs skyscrapers looks cool in CGI, but a rogue wave is not destroying the whole …

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