The Expedition

** EXPECTED DEC 2018! **
The Expedition is the second book in The Initiation trilogy


A path with no beginning. A journey with no end.

They thought nothing could be harder than the Initiation. Little did they know the real test was just beginning.

With New America’s situation dire, Drayden and the pledges venture out into the unexplored world outside the walls. A team of elite Guardians escorts them as they seek to contact another civilization. Unbeknownst to the others, Drayden has secret goals.

Dangers abound in the real world, including Aeru, the deadly superbacteria that wiped out humanity. While they battle the elements of a desolate landscape, a power struggle emerges within their ranks. The Guardians seem to be carrying out a covert mission of their own. The quest turns everything they thought they knew about New America upside down.

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