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Drayden’s Diary

Have you read The Initiation and want more? Considering reading The Initiation and you’re not sure? A quasi-prequel, Drayden’s Diary is a short ebook that contains the diary entries of the main character in The Initiation — sixteen-year-old math geek Drayden — in the month leading up to The Initiation. It provides a mostly-humorous glimpse of his life in New America and many of the other major players in the story. Before jumping into a new trilogy, it’s nice to know whether you like the protagonist or not. Click the book cover to learn more and download it for free.

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The Book of Memes

This is another short book containing only memes. All relate to books, reading, or writing, and all are original. Hey, I like memes and cannot stop making them.  Check them out for free by clicking on the book cover!

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